Q: How does the division system benefit contestants?

A: The divisional system offers contestants numerous advantages. One key benefit is the grouping of contestants based on their pattern completion speed. This ensures that riders and horses with similar experience levels compete in the same division, fostering fair competition. Unlike traditional age-based grouping, which can be discouraging for entry-level contestants and lacking challenge for experienced contestants, our divisional approach promotes a more inclusive competitive environment that is challenging and rewarding for all contestants. Riders can now focus on honing their skills alongside peers with comparable experience, rather than being grouped solely by the rider's age.

Q: What prevents contestants from deliberately running patterns slower to top a slower division?

A: The incentive for contestants to perform at their best lies in the NTPRA pay table, which allocates a slightly higher percentage of the jackpot pool to higher divisions. This ensures that contestants are motivated to strive for their optimal performance, as the rewards are greater in the faster divisions, creating a fair and competitive environment.

Q: How does the division system benefit producers?

A: The divisional system is a boon for producers, eliminating the age break system that sometimes led to age manipulation by contestants. Our system, streamlines event management with the use of a computer based program designed for equestrian timed pattern racing events. This software, with over 20 years of application in barrel racing, enhances efficiency by storing rider information for quick entries, automatically applying payout tables, and expediting event processes. This results in faster event organization, accurate high point calculations, and seamless financial reporting, ultimately benefiting both producers and contestants.

Q: What is a Progressive payout?

A: A Progressive payout table is designed to increase jackpot amounts based on the number of entries in an event. For instance, a producer might designate an event as a $100 added progressive at 20 riders. This means that for every additional 10 contestants beyond the initial 20, the producer adds $100 more to the jackpots added money, creating an enticing incentive for increased participation and higher jackpot pay out.

Q: What are the benefits of sanctioning with NTPRA for producers?

A: Sanctioning an event with NTPRA provides producers with valuable promotion, drawing NTPRA members and contestants from a broad geographical area. All runs made at a sanctioned event are qualify runs for the NTPRA finals, making the event more attractive to participants seeking to qualify for NTPRA finals.. Sanctioning with NTPRA will enhance your events overall reach and impact.

Q: What are the benefits of Co-sanctioning with NTPRA?

A: Co-sanctioning with NTPRA benefits both contestants and producers. Contestants can effortlessly include their qualifying runs on their entry forms, earning qualifications while competing at local events. Producers benefit from increased event promotion by NTPRA, attracting contestants eager to qualify for the NTPRA finals while participating in local competitions. This mutually beneficial arrangement enhances the overall appeal and success of the event.

Q: What are the benefits of NTPRA finals for contestants?

A: Contestants opting to participate in the NTPRA finals gain access to elevated jackpot payouts, with a remarkable $500 added per pattern in 2025. Additionally, contestants have the opportunity to vie for high-quality average awards. The NTPRA finals, hosted at the Circle T Arena in Hamilton, TX, promise a prestigious platform for contestants to test their skills and compete for substantial rewards.