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Improving equestrian timed pattern racing at every level

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Welcome to NTPRA Timed Pattern Racing, where excellence meets opportunity. Our events are designed to provide a thrilling and fair competitive environment for riders and their equine partners. Here's what you can expect when you participate in NTPRA events:


1. Highest Cash Payouts: At NTPRA, we strive to offer the highest cash payouts in timed pattern racing events. We focus on a wide variety of patterns beyond just barrel racing and pole bending, ensuring substantial payouts for all patterns run at our events.

2. Field Comparison: Wondering how your time stacks up against the competition? Our 6 Division time break system allows contestants to see their performance in relation to the complete field of contestants, aiding in skill improvement and goal setting.

3. Multiple Horse Entry: Whether you're competing with your seasoned horse or giving your up-and-coming equine partner valuable experience, NTPRA welcomes contestants to enter with multiple horses.

4. Flexibility in Entry: Life happens, and plans can change. NTPRA Events accept entries for patterns that have not yet been run, even if you arrive later than planned.

5. Inclusion in Series Average Awards : Enjoy the opportunity to be included in series average awards without additional fees when series awards are offered. Your success and growth in competitive endeavors matter to us.

6. Exhibition Opportunities: Get a feel for each pattern before you compete with our limited window exhibitions on all patterns. Our exhibition token system allows contestants to adjust your plans based on your experience in your exhibitions without losing your paid exhibition fees. You choose what patterns and how many you would like to do in each pattern, need more than you originally planned? Purchase more exhibition tokens any time in the event office.

7. Instant Results: See the complete event results for each pattern within minutes of the final rider completing the course, ensuring transparency and timely feedback.

8. Randomized Run Order: We ensure fairness by implementing a truly random and fair run order for all contestants.

9. Established Rules and Resolution: Our events operate with established rules available for all participants, promoting respect and fairness in issue resolution.

10. Timely Winnings Payment: Get your winnings paid within 30 minutes of the event's final conclusion, because we understand the importance of timely rewards.

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