Frequently Asked Questions

Question #1

What chemicals do you use?
A: We use a mix of Diversey and Zep products depending on the space. If you're looking for something chemical-free, we can also use a steam cleaner to ensure we're cleaning your surfaces to the best of our ability while maintaining a high level of sanitation for you and those around you.

Question #2

How much will your services cost?
A: We do our best to stay competitive and offer you a fair price based on the services requested. Feel free to share your cost expectations so that we can customize our service plan to fit within your budget.

Question #3

Do you offer overnight services for commercial spaces?
A: Yes! Whether you own a full-service restaurant or a small office, we can complete our service overnight so you can walk in to a clean space in the morning. We offer discounts on the price of service based on frequency, up to 20% off! Ask us for more details.