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Money Matters

Get your financial affairs in order with ease and get on the right track to living your abundant life.

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Money Moves

Make your money work for you. Grow your accounts and become financially independent the smart way.

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TAGG Couples

Are you in a relationship and looking for friends who are also in committed relationships?

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TAGG Women

Are you new to the city? Has outgrowing your old friendships got you looking for new crowds?

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Are you looking for advice on how to get ahead from someone who is already where you want to be? Do you want to grab a bite or catch the game with the guys?

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TAGG Families

Are you a blended family looking for some good ways to, well...blend?

Want to stay informed about the latest events tailored to your interests and build a supportive community online, as well as in person?

The Abundance Group Global brand is the catalyst for financial independence and truly genuine connections among people, in ways that other social sites leave to chance. It is a platform that takes the shame and embarrassment out of asking for financial coaching by supplying members with self-paced courses that make financial matters easy to understand and conquer. TAGG then associates people based on similar lifestyle preferences and fosters those relationships with curated outings and events, along with discussions that challenge members to take action toward becoming the best versions of themselves.

Vision - Mission - Values

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Curating realities, through financial education and genuine human connections

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Helping people create the lives they desire by empowering and connecting them to the people they need to know, in order to make it so.

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Cooperation, Integrity, Quality

Connections can be just as important to physical and mental health as exercise and healthy eating.