Empowering Your Creative Vision

Seamlessly blending cutting-edge Computer-Aided Design and Manufacturing with the Timeless Craft of Woodworking. Crafting bespoke solutions for private and commercial needs. Proudly located in the heart of South Louisiana, USA.

Our Services

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Laser Solutions

The LaserBeam can engrave and cut thinner materials with incredible accuracy, such as on wood, paper, leather, and plastics. The LaserBeam has been tested to cut up to 1/4″ on softwoods.

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2D Carving

Within our 50″ x 34″ x 4.9″ (X/Y/Z) working area. We can comfortably carve a variety of materials including hard and soft woods, plastics, foams, waxes, and much more. It can even produce acceptable work on soft metals like aluminum, bronze, copper, cardboard, engrave ceramics, glass, metals, and the list goes on.

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3D Reliefs

Relief carving is an artistic method of wood carving that requires skill in Computer Aided Design and Manufactuing can produce a repeatable art piece . A complete piece has a 3D effect that causes the designs to literally jump off the wooden canvas in a spectacular illusion.


If you are interested on making your ideas become reality for custom Private or Commercial use, please send us a message for your FREE consultation via email, text, or through our social media platforms @farviewdesigns (links below) for your one-on-one chat for we can decide what will work best for you!
We price based on Type of Material, Size, Quantity, and Design and Machine time. Promo and Bulk Discounts do apply. We look forward to working with you!