Discover the health benefits of 100% fresh-milled whole grain

Hi, I'm Alecia Turner. I am passionate about educating and making bread products for my family and community that will bring them vitality and joy. With all the misinformation about grains out there, it's time to reclaim the truth about wheat and why it is vital to our well-being.

100% Fresh-milled whole grain sandwich loaf

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100% Fresh-milled whole grain cinnamon rolls

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100% whole grain dinner rolls, sandwich rolls, hotdog & hamburger buns

Why 100% fresh-milled whole grain?

With the first successful invention of a commercial roller mill in the late 1800's, virtually everyone began to have access to refined white flour. With this invention, health has been declining since, with research to back up the lack of whole grains in our diet and consuming more and more white flour to be the culprit.

Click this link to learn more about how whole grains are essential and nutritious part of our diet and how the introduction of white flour has caused many health problems.