Unique Jewellery

We have a range of uniquely designed jewellery to chose from and a range of styles so there is something for everyone.

Custom Designs

You can design your jewellery yourself by letting us know what colours and beads you want from the options and we will make your design to fit you.

Sourcing Supplies

We source as many beads and jewellery bits we can second hand in order to be sustainble but we also do buy new supplies where needed to create the best quality jewellery we can.

Unique, Homemade and Proud

We are 2 sisters who love nothing more than creating jewellery that is both unique and stylish. We prefer to use second hand beads as much as possible as we are strong believers of not only sustainability but second chances. All our products are handmade with love and passion and hopefully we've created something just for you! You can either shop with us online or catch us at craft fairs that we attend - these will be advertised on our social medias.

Find or Design something that will make you feel Unique and Proud.

Order Online by simply messaging us directly through our social medias or email.


Meet the creator! Katie (Aster)
We thought it would be fun to introduce ourselves with a few facts about ourselves.
I definitely like making the more funky and fun jewellery and love getting to experiment with different techniques. You’ll for sure see me making a lot of random stuff and quirky characters (I may already be making Christmas elf earrings🙈)
Five random facts:
> I’m animal lover 🐾 until it comes to creepy crawlies 🕷️ then I’m on the sofa screaming
> My favourite drink atm is juice and lemonade but a cup of tea 🫖 will always come out on top
> I love binge watching TV shows 📺
> I like to be organised so I’m thriving with all the recycled beads that need sorting when dismantled from old jewellery 📿
> I couldn’t think of a 5th fact


Meet the creator! Holly (drop)
We thought it would be fun to introduce ourselves with a few facts about ourselves.
I’ve always loved unique jewellery and I’m loving being able to create some of my own. You’ll see me creating more of the bold designs and attempting not to steal everything we make.
Five random facts about me!
> I love nothing more than searching through charity shops and car boot sales for hidden treasures
> I’m always wearing socks 🧦 with holes in because my dog Mitsy chews holes into them
> I’m addicted to coffee ☕️ but recently gave up caffeine and decaf just isn’t the same 😢
> I’m a huge reader and have constantly either got my kindle or a random book 📚 with me even for a food shop
> My favourite food is pasta bake and could eat it every day for the rest of my life


Aster and Drop's image