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Join us at EasyLink Tech for an exciting event bringing together industry experts to help form a community to Teach Seniors on how to use a mobile device correctly and safely.
Book a Community Tech Agent to your door by simply making a Direct call for any tech support regarding your phones,
Experts with over 15 Years of Experience are currently available to help you ; Transfer your data, set up your new mobile device or tablets, home internet router, we visit you to make things more simpler and easier regarding your mobile phones, tablets and my wifi devices.


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EasyLink Tech : Community EST 2023

Easy Link Tech provides an invaluable community service by facilitating relationships between tech-savvy ELT experts and elderly individuals who need assistance with their phones and other technology. The organization carefully matches ELT Experts with seniors in their neighbourhoods, allowing for ongoing tech support that caters to each elderly person's specific needs. The ELT experts visit the seniors in their homes to provide personalized education on how to utilize smartphones, computers, the internet, and other modern technology that can often be daunting for older generations. With patience and understanding, the ELT experts walk the seniors step-by-step through essential tasks like video calling family members, accessing social media, online shopping, and more. Not only does this technological training empower the elderly with vital digital skills and connectivity, it also fosters meaningful intergenerational relationships and community bonding.


The elderly get both tech assistance and friendship, while the ELT experts gain communication and teaching experience and the satisfaction of improving local seniors' quality of life. Easy Link Tech service bridges generational gaps through technology, enhancing community spirit.

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Mobile Phone & Network Industry.

Get insight on the future of the industry from our leading speakers Sam Watson and Sarah Galvin.

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